Do You Know Him?

God loves the whole world and wants a relationship with each individual person.

All people are eternally seperated from God because of sin, and cannot do anything to restore themselves. God sent his only son, Jesus, to take on all the punishment of all our sin for us, by dying on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice. Jesus rose from the dead and is seated now at the right hand of God. He is the only way to God.

When someone turns away from their sin in repentance and surrender's their life to Jesus as their Lord and savior, they receive that forgiveness and the spirit of God comes to live in them, then they are able to live a life pleasing to God and have a personal relationship with him.

He does not promise there will never be trials and hardships for his people, but he promises to be there for us through the trials, our shield and strength.

Have you made the decision to make Jesus lord of your life?

If not, would you consider it today?

Jesus is waiting to come into your life... just pray this simple prayer:

Dear Jesus,
I realize I need you in my life. I acknowledge that I have sinned, and I confess my sins to you now and ask your forgiveness. Thank you Jesus for taking the punishment of my sins on yourself. I receive you as my Lord and savior today. Please take control of my life now, and teach me. In your name I pray, Jesus... Amen.

Praise God! I pray you will grow in your faith. One of the best, and most simple, resources for you to read now is this article from Focus on the Family, "First Steps in the Christian Life". Finding a good bible-based church is a good place to start... if you'd like, let me know in the comments you've prayed this prayer!

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