Thursday, October 29, 2015

Easing Into Thursday

We woke up before the sun as usual, 34 degrees fahrenheit with a 29 degree wind chill. We haven't used any heat in the RV yet, I like these chilly mornings - what a great way to be fully awake in the morning!

We put on the kettle first thing, and Rick puts the dogs out while I dress in layers. The tea cups warm our hands nicely.

 Our computer has been on life support for a year, and it finally died yesterday morning. I'm typing this from my phone, and took the photos with my phone, not good quality but I don't want a post with no photos!

It's 11:22 am now, warm enough to take off one layer - my big, frumpy sweater, and open a window beside where I'm sitting to crochet today. I've finished the vest, and my sister has agreed to model it for me for photos, but being extremely busy she won't be here for that for another week.
 I now have 2 throw blankets and 2 baby blankets to do, I've started on the first one.

Only a slight breeze today, and high thin clouds. Its very quiet. I love our simple life, living more in and with nature than we would be, sealed up in a house. I think to go back to a "regular" house now would be claustrophobic for me. I just pray we can find someone to sell us a couple acres soon so we can go ahead with our plans and finally be settled somewhere.


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