Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday Morning

My second cup of tea for the morning. I'm just starting to see a deep aqua sky in the east, above a low, navy blue cloud bank on the horizon.
I am a morning person. I love mornings - but I don't start my days at a full-run. I get up early enough to ease into my day, a few rituals that keep me "in the moment". Bible study, prayer, tea, writing, music. Sometimes a photo of the sunrise.

I used to write pages and pages in my journals, but for the last few years I've  noticed I seem to have lost that. I've been trying again lately, but I seem to have lost the art of really listening to what I'm thinking. Do you realize how many hours every day we spend thinking things that go through our heads without permission or acknowledgment? I wonder how those thoughts effect us, without us even realizing it.

I've always believed our thoughts create our actions, and our actions create our reality.

Reality is 99% perception.


  1. I get up now, early enough to see the sun brighten the sky. I don't see sunrises too often as the trees block the view. I wash my hair, get tea and breakfast, then watch Joyce for 30 minutes to get my day started. Then off to feed cats, read my devotional on the steps and pray. Once all that is done, I'm off full speed on my day. It is good to have that quiet time first thing. Next week...sunrise will be at 6 instead of 7 as we 'fall back'. I wish we'd quit all this back and forth with time. I want to just stay on Standard time and quit DST. You must be on the tail end of Central Time, where I am on the front end, so my sunrise comes earlier I think. I love mornings too. Never used to, but now love the quiet daylight breaking brings.

  2. I used to think I was a night owl, before I realized I really love early mornings and was just coming at them from the wrong direction. I think daylight savings time is rather foolish now, the farmers no longer need that extra daylight. I think because I do my crochet from home and no longer go" out" to a job, plus living in such a small space, my rituals are what delineate my day, and desperate my work. I still have a hard time stopping work and doing other things though, its easy to feel like I never go home from work.

    1. "Seperate" not "desperate" LOL... I'm solely typing from my phone now, and the auto.correct has a mind of its own.


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