Monday, September 28, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook 9/28

It's that time of year... thick wool socks and a hoodie in the morning when it's 60, and by 1 or 2 in the afternoon I'm turning all the fans on and it's 90 degrees! 

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 Outside my window...  
61 degrees with 77% humidity, on it's way to 87 by the forecast, that usually means at least 90.

I am thankful...
To have gotten this afghan done Friday and mailed on Saturday and that Rick was able to get back in a truck and work yesterday, although the truck he's driving has lots of problems - late last night on his way to the grain elevator the lights gave out and he had to drive the last few miles of dirt road in the dark!

I am wearing...
Black yoga pants, thick army green wool socks, a Grateful Dead tie-dye t-shirt, and a black hoodie

I am creating...
Using regular yarn to work the pattern for the vest I'm going to make for a client once the ordered yarn gets here - it's a fun pattern!

I am going...
to finish my fall cleaning this week! I hope - maybe. lol

I am wondering...
Where the house or land that God has in mind for us is - I know he's got a plan!

I am reading...
Déjà Dead, by Kathy Reichs, the inspiration behind the televisions series "Bones"  and of course my daily bible study.
Parked in front of the bank the other day, waiting on Rick, I decided to take a shot down Main Street...

I am hoping (praying!)...
For a better truck for Rick, and for us to be in our house (or at least have a place!) by Christmas.

I am learning...
I'm going to be learning how to read a crochet chart. I know how to read patterns easy, but charts always looked confusing so I never even tried.

In my garden...
The okra is still putting on like crazy, and still getting lots of tomatoes. Going to buy a small bottle of vodka this week to start a jar of homemade peppermint extract with most of whats left of my peppermint, probably going to dry some for tea, too.

A favorite quote for today...
"My church cannot save me and your church cannot save you. This is because no church died for us. No pope, no bishop, no pastor, no evangelist can save us, because none of them died for us. But here is the name of the one who did die for us. It is JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! Only Jesus saves!" REINHARD BONNKE
A peek into one of my days...
We have this huge blanket that has to be washed in a large commercial washer. What does a photographer do when faced with a boring hour and a half at the laundromat? Take photos of course! There's a much better view of all my photos at my Flickr Page

One of my favorite things...

A fresh, new cover of a classic Simon and Garfunkel tune ---


  1. I love S&G. Grew up with them! Did you know Art Garfunkel got his Master's degree in Mathematics from Columbia University? Good singer AND smart! Your finished afghan is beautiful! I'm with you on the wool socks. Have a great week.

    1. Thank you :) No, I didn't know that about Mr. Garfunkel... he looks like a math guy, though, I think LOL

  2. What a lovely afghan! Have a great week :)

  3. What a beautiful afghan. Your work is amazing! Have a wonderful week on the prairie. The weather is supposed to be beautiful!!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it is supposed to be upper 80s here, although with no AC in the RV I'm ready for some cooler temps ;)

  4. Wow! Love this week's music! You have the most eclectic tastes. I like it.

  5. Thanks! Glad you liked it... the only genre I don't like is rap, and even then there are some rap songs I do like... actually there is one type of music I don't like - most 80s music, lol... I didn't even like it when I was growing up in the 80s!

  6. That afghan is beautiful!! Have a great week!

  7. Gorgeous afghan! And, S&G bring so, so many memories for days gone by. Thanks for stopping by. Happy week!


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