Monday, September 14, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook 9/14

The Fall-like weather is over for a bit, mid to upper 90s this week. Come winter these temperatures we'll be missing this heat!!

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 Outside my window...  

72 on it's way to 93, wind gusting to 30+ and will be windy all week!

Took some  lightning photos last night...

I am thankful...
.For the job Rick has with corn harvest - he's really enjoying it. Driving truck has always been something he's liked to do.

I am wearing...
black yoga pants, Greensburg High School t-shirt (GHS is no longer, the county schools consolidated after the tornado - it's now Kiowa County High School)

I am creating...
Getting close to being done with that afghan! I'll be posting photos of the finished product in next week's "Simple Woman's Daybook". Also have a big project lined up for a customer after that, details on that soon, too!

I am going...
to stay home and work on the afghan this week to get it finished.

I am wondering...
"Wonder wonder who-oo-oo-oo who - who wrote the book of love?" *grins* couldn't resist - it just popped into my head!

I am reading...
Just my daily bible study.

I am hoping (praying!)...
For the house I'm sure God has planned for us!I know, same thing every week, but having a house where we can all sleep under one roof is very important to me!

I am learning...
... more about the Holy Spirit through our bible study of Acts.

In my garden...
Photos this week were taken on Saturday. These little "Sun Glow" tomatoes are sweet as candy on the vine... I eat a handful every time I go into the garden!
Sun Glow Tomatoes

Yellow Bear caterpillar, will turn into a Virginia Tiger Moth.

Soldier Beetle in the Sunflowers - he's very beneficial!

The larger tomatoes have some small splits, but are still yummy!

A favorite quote for today...

"There's a difference between remorse and repentance. Remorse is being sorry for being caught. Repentance is being sorry enough to stop." Greg Laurie
A peek into one of my days...

Friday was homecoming, and we went to see Isaiah on the Sophomore float in the parade - I took this photo of my rag-tag bunch after the parade... Daughter Lauren, husband Rick, son Isaiah... Rick was goofing off making faces and I can rarely get Isaiah to look at the camera, LOL....

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 for last week's favorite photos! Find it HERE)

One of my favorite things...

Woke up with this song in my head this morning...


  1. Your photos of the lightening are awesome! Have a great week :)

  2. Haha, I can totally see why you husband gets told he looks like Uncle Si!! That's awesome. I love your lightning pictures, too. Actually, all your shots are beautiful. I so need a better camera (right now, all I have is my phone ~ ugh), but I just can't DECIDE which one!!!!!! :P

    1. Thanks :) I had a Fujifilm that was nice, but a friend gave me a Nikon D70 with a Nikkor 18-200mm lens because she believed in my photographic abilities and wanted to see what I could do with a better camera... angels among us :)

  3. Your photos are beautiful. Loved the one of your husband and kids. I have a grandson who usually won't smile for the camera so I just have to take him the way he is!! Hope you have a good week!. I'll say a prayer for your house too today!!

    1. Thanks so much, Paula :) I always joke about being the photographer challenged with a family that hates their photos being taken, LOL...

  4. Anita: I'm glad to read that your husband likes his job. I will join you in prayer for your house. I'm glad I didn't miss the afghan pix!

  5. My mom's threat when we were kids was that the worst outtake would be used as the Christmas picture. Now that my brother and I have gone and married, my mom just photoshops all of us in!

  6. Incredible photos! How's the afghan coming?
    Visiting from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  7. Your photos are amazing, my son Jeremy loves lightning, I must show him your pics! He is hard to get a photo of too...he is usually busy photo bombing! Praying for that house of yours to turn up really soon!

    1. Thank you :) Isaiah's usually rolling his eyes saying, "Mommmmm!!" when I try to take his picture, lol...


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