Monday, August 17, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook 8/17

Deliberately put myself outside my comfort zone this weekend - and had fun doing it!

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 Outside my window...  

70 with a 73% humidity and cloudy skies at 8:29 am. They're calling for some storms and cooler weather for the next couple of days - unheard of! Cooler weather in Kansas in August?! We'll take it!

I am thankful...
For friends who sometimes convince me to go outside my comfort zone. Dave McKane, the Principal of the Institute of Photography in Dublin, Ireland, gave a free photography class last night here in my town, and I normally never put myself into a group of people unless I absolutely have to, but my friend Kari convinced me I needed to be there... so I was, and I had fun - and learned a thing or two! The photos on this post are some of my results!

Dave McKane

I am wearing...
Jeans, t-shirt, no shoes

I am creating...
Had a request for an American Flag throw blanket sized afghan, so I'm putting together what I need for that, and still working on that infinity scarf and hat pair.
Also creating some space - even though we're minimalists, and own WAY less than most people, I still periodically go through everything and get rid of anything that we don't use on a regular basis or that we really, really love --

I am going...
Taking Isaiah to his first day of school and the going grocery shopping on Thursday... otherwise nothing planned.

I am wondering...
Where the skunk is that I can smell on the breeze coming in my window!*UGH* it's really strong!

I am reading...
Just my bible study, and I'm behind on that!

I am hoping (praying!)...
Again for Rick to get a job, for us to get a house, and for a friend in California who injured his shoulder pretty badly at the gym on Friday.

I am learning...
That just like I like to always "live outside the box", living "outside my comfort zone" can also be beneficial to my creativity!

In my garden...
The tomatoes have finally just taken off and are producing like crazy, and the okra still needs to be cut almost daily. This has been a good year for peppers, too, it seems.

A favorite quote for today..

Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see. Paul Klee 

A peek into one of my days...

My favorite of my shots from last night

 The class I took these photos for is having a contest for two free movie tickets - I'd love your vote! click HERE

One of my favorite things...

One of my favorites from the 1940s ---


  1. Your photos are lovely! Improving my photos is one of my goals for this year, making do with my phone and point and shoot digital camera. That class sounds fun!

    1. Thanks :) There were several people at the class with point and shoot, and one or two with just the cameras on their phones... even the teacher took a few shots with his phone, lol...

  2. Omygoodness...I love all your photos but the last one, the one you liked best, needs to be hanging on my black and white photo wall. It's just awesome.
    I really enjoyed reading your post today. I keep thinking I will join the party and then forget.
    Loved hearing from you...xoxo

    1. Thanks, BJ :) Always great to see you... and your blog always makes me smile!


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