Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites and Ramblings

Thankful today that Rick finds someone every day to work for. He'd been working concrete for a couple of weeks, and that job is finished now, but he's working on a roofing job today. He's had requests from several farmers to help when the corn is ready to harvest.

 He came home this morning before it got too hot to put down the awning for me, to keep the heat out of the RV - too bad there isn't one on the west side, too, lol... He fixed a place in the dog pen while he was here with more shade that will also allow the breeze to blow through... I'm glad that he is so good at so many things.

 I've been working at a throw-blanket sized afghan for a customer. People tell me I'm not charging enough for the labor (only $30), and it IS a lot of hours, but I don't know that I feel right charging more. The work helps me stay busy, as it only takes a few minutes every day for housework in the RV, Isaiah is back in school, and the garden is coming along well on it's own. I enjoy watching movies while I work, this week some of my favorites: "A River Runs Through It", "The Magic of Ordinary Days", the "Sarah, Plain and Tall" series, and now I'm working on the "Love Comes Softly" series.

We've been making plans for the weatherizing of the RV. I dread the winter coming, as the RV is wrapped in tarps during that season to keep the heat in as much as possible, so we can't see out any of the windows. I will also miss the insects and flowers... and the green. But I remind myself there is beauty in all seasons. The sparkle of new snow on a bright sunny morning... the smell of the cold on a calm winter night... the beautiful architecture of the bare trees against a pale winter sky... not to mention the celebration of the birth of Jesus!

Autumn, however, I look forward to every year... it's my favorite season! The colors, smells, traditions.... Thanksgiving in my favorite holiday - because we always have so much to be thankful for.

Now for my favorite photos of the week... this week, they are no more liked than the ones I've already posted this week, really, but just ones from the week I've not posted yet.

Wild sunflower in our garden, in the morning light and shadow of other sunflowers.
There are scenes we drive by everyday that we just stop seeing, or don't see because we've judged the person lower than ourselves. This man doesn't have a good reputation in our community, but we'd all do well to remember that every human is created in the image of God.
Last night's sunset... God is my favorite artist.

John Denver is one artist I identified with, and still do... His music always makes me think of Fall, and the nature where I'm most at home...



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