Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Favorites 8/21

My Friday Favorite photos this week....

I have two favorites this week. The first is the chair that sits in the garden year round, becoming more and more weathered. I love the peeling paint! I have a feeling you'll be seeing more of this chair in the future.
All summer I'd been bemoaning the fact that I hadn't got a photo of a rattlesnake. Then last evening, this beautiful prairie rattler crossed our path. We didn't anger it as much as just annoy it, and after granting me a few shots it went off on it's business. 8 rattles and the button on the end, this was a pretty good sized snake. I know most people don't like snakes. But they were created by God to do just what they do, and they are just trying to survive like any other living thing out there. They are also very beneficial in reducing rodent populations, and because rodents can carry disease so easily, that's a good thing in my book!! God doesn't make mistakes.


  1. Great shot of the rattlesnake! He evidently was looking to waste any venom!!

    I love the chair shot!! I will be waiting for more of it!!


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