Friday, July 24, 2015

The Gray Areas

"In tiny corners of every part of the world there live the misfit house makers, the rebel builders. They're the ones who don't accept the status quo, and think we can improve how we live by adapting the rules." - Kirsten Dirksen

I love people who think "outside the box".

I know most people live in a black and white world, everything cut and dried, asking no questions about "why?" or "how could I do this to better suit my own life?" No questioning the "shoulds" of society.

Rick and I are dwellers of the gray areas.

We've lived in this RV for almost two years, and we have learned so much. We've learned what is necessary to live, and what is superfluous. We've learned the things that society says are necessary - aren't. We love this space.
There are things we'd change. This RV isn't insulated... if we get the opportunity to build our own home, it will be well insulated. The bathroom in this RV is only 4'2" by 2'7". We WILL have a bigger bathroom! There is plenty of space in this RV that isn't being utilized well due to the design, and we've spent hours pouring over hand drawn house plans, dreaming of the ideal space.

We've made many plans for the bigger gardens, the truck farm we'd love to start, and the chickens and goats we hope to have.

The first step to our dreams is an income, which we have very little of now. Then we want a couple of acres to work with. We're praying that comes soon so that we can put all our plans and dreams into action. The dreams we've had for all of our 30 years of marriage - the dreams we believe God gave us.

Reminding myself of who we are and where we're going.

This documentary reminds me that we are not alone... there are others living here with us in the gray areas between society's black and white carved-in-stone ideas.The gray areas that are small in size, but expansive in expression, in freedom, and in self-sufficiency.


  1. Those gypsy girls, I love their music! Love the way they sing, the way they dress, the way they look, the way they sound. Thanks!

    1. I love everything about them, too :)


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