Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

This is a long post - it couldn't be helped! Just be glad I only picked these "few" photos to share!
I mentioned back in May I was taking a trip to Arkansas with my friend Raylene in June, and I do realize I've never posted about it.

 It wasn't my first trip to Eureka Springs, but the people I talked to there this time, and things I saw, were such powerful events for me I couldn't decide what to write. Even my words today don't tell the emotion of it well enough.

We talked to a man in the park who told us about the last Gay Pride parade, and the angry "protest" of one of the churches in town. It made me wonder - where would Jesus have stood on that day? I hardly think he'd have been on the side of the street with the church members hurling insults. People need to SEE God's love in us, not be preached at over and over without God's love.

We talked to some musician's in the park. Some of their friends were obviously on drugs, but they were friendly, and kind, and we talked to them because to us they matter just as much as anyone. The musicians were very good, and you could tell they were happy and while I don't know the status of their souls, I pray that someone will show them God's love without judging them "unworthy". I'd love to have spent more time there. In fact, Rick and I have dreamed of moving there... but that's unlikely to happen UNLESS God wants us there!

The art in this little town is incredible. Plays, and music, and art classes and shows all summer long... a writer's retreat I'd love to spend time at! There were "Help Wanted" signs and tiny homes for rent much cheaper than you could rent here where I live and it was so tempting to stay!

The natural beauty of the Ozarks is amazing. Trees, and water, wildflowers, and wildlife. I'd love to go back and do some hiking, and spend more time at the area lakes and rivers!


There is no way I can tell you how much that place effected me. But I will tell you I can't WAIT to go back - again and again! This last photo is my favorite building in town. There are much grander ones, and much more well kept ones, but THIS one sparks my imagination! It looks so much like a pirate house, imagine Cap'n. Jack Sparrow standing on that balcony! ~OR~ The Dresden Files - doesn't that main level where the shop is look like the shop of the wizard? Eureka Springs is a haven for people with strong imagination!


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    1. It is absolutely beautiful, just magical... and I never even posted a photo of any of the springs, lol...


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