Monday, May 11, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook, 5/11

Last week was very long! Severe weather forecast all week, with a "large tornado outbreak" on Saturday. Thankfully, the conditions changed and it wasn't quite as severe as they thought, although Oklahoma and Kansas did still have a lot of rough weather, flooding and smaller tornadoes. We've got a couple of dry days now, at the beginning of this week, and I plan on not taking them for granted!

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Outside my window... 
9:20 am, 46° with a 39° wind chill  
I am thinking... 
About this day in 1998. We had tried for more than 10 years to have a second child, and had almost given up hope... but on this day in 1998 Isaiah Daniel was born, our "miracle" baby. The night he was born I stayed awake all night just watching him sleep.  

I am thankful... 
For the good weather days, and the protection of God.  
I am wearing... 
Black jeans, dark grey t-shirt, and a red and black jacket because it's cold this morning!  
I am creating.. 
Baking a birthday cake today, he asked for red velvet with cream cheese frosting, so that's waht he'll get!
I am going...
No plans this week out of the ordinary, we'll see what happens.

I am reading... 
 my daily bible study, and one of Rick's books by Irish Johansen, an FBI thriller sort of thing...

I am hoping praying..
For my husband to find a job, and for us to find a home. Rick seems to be depressed lately, and it's no wonder with the job issues - so I've been really concentrating on him in prayer.  
In my kitchen... Fixing one of Isaiah's favorites tonight - if he doesn't steal and eat all the mushrooms first!

A peek into one of my days...

One of my favorite things...

A favorite quote for today...



  1. Hi Anita! I really, really like your quote! I am so glad you escaped the severe weather, and I hope it stays that way. Praying for your dh, it truly is so hard to be without a job, and they are so hard to find as well. He must be so discouraged. Let's pray that will turn around soon, and you will find the perfect home! Your photos are so beautiful. Have a wonderful week ( and Happy Birthday to Isaiah!)

  2. I absolutely love that quote, Anita. SO true! Happy Birthday to Isaiah! It look me 8 years to have my second child...
    The thunderstorm photo is amazing, glad you haven't had anything hit you there. xo

    1. Thank you, Linda... the t-storms are always beautiful when they're going the OTHER way ;)

  3. Happy birthday to Isaiah!! I could sit and stare at clouds like that for hours, as long as no wicked storms produce out of it!! And your purple flower is gorgeous!! Praying a job comes your husbands way soon!!

    Have a great week!!

    1. Thank you! The towering clouds always remind me how small we really are, and how insignificant the cares of this life can be... and how much bigger God is than the storms of life :)

  4. Happy birthday to your son, Anita! Enjoy a bit of red velvet cake for me...I love red velvet!!! My son-in-law reads Iris Johanson books, daughter and I found about 7 books in an older series that he wanted for his birthday; we have a used book store I usually sell my books to, and keep a credit for buying more!

    Thanks for sharing your post for Simple Woman's Daybook.

  5. The quote is wonderful. I will pray for your husband to find a job quickly. Maybe if we all pray hard together it will happen! Happy Birthday to your handsome son. I am visiting from the Simple Woman's Blog!!

  6. Love that quote! And the cloud picture.

    Happy happy birthday to your son.

    Joining you in prayer just now for your hubby.

    Be blessed <3


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