Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Memories 4/8

Wednesdays are Memory Days...
About my "Memory" posts: I have always had a problem with memories. The problem being that I don't have many. Even as short a time ago as when my kids were little, I don't have many memories, snapshots here and there at the most, none of my memories run like video clips. I have no idea why my mind works that way, presumably there is no trauma in my childhood blocking things out, or head injury to have caused a lack of long term memory. They just aren't there. So I decided that maybe recording what I do remember might just bring up more of what I've forgotten, and maybe - someday - my children might just want to read these things. If not, that's ok too - it's more for my own knowledge than anything. I don't know if my childhood memories will make good reading for anyone else, but....
I left off last week with memories from our time living in the apartment in my grandma's basement. My memories from that time are very few.
I do remember taking a trip to Colorado for a week to stay with my aunt and uncle, and my mom accidentally leaving all my clothes behind. She bought me some things there in Colorado Springs, and the only thing I remember from that is a pair of bright blue, polyester bell bottom pants. Sighs.
My mom and grandma dressed me funny until I was old enough to put my foot down and demand to pick out my own clothes. I didn't own a pair of blue jeans until I was 10. Lots of wild, crazy polyester pantsuits that my grandma made for me in my early elementary years, and lots of home made dresses before that. I cherish the few dresses I still have that were mine as a little girl, but those pantsuits all ended up in my grandmother's comforts (a quilt that was tied instead of quilted) - nothing warmer than a comfort pieced with polyester!

When I was 5 or 6 we moved into our own house. I was 7 when my sister was born, and I believe she's about 3 here, so that would make me 10. (not only was my mom famous for accidentally getting her finger in photos, she was also great at chopping people's heads off) My sister is wearing a store bought shirt, but her pants are homemade. She's always been the cute one, but we won't talk about that. *laughs* No doubt this bright pink polyester pantsuit was about the time I put my foot down about the clothes they made for me! I know, you thought it was pajamas, right? Nope. Pantsuit. I'm sure it's why now I NEVER wear bright colors or prints. Ever. Solid colors, and mostly black, army green, and grey.

I am very blessed to have grown up with my grandparents as my caregivers while mom worked. They were hard working, simple living, old fashioned farmers, and so much of who I am today comes from them. My grandma taught me to quilt, to crochet, to sew, even tatting lace. I pieced my first "comfort", a crazy quilt design made out of all shades of worn denim, on my grandma's treadle Singer sewing machine. To this day, I have the most trouble with electric machines - if only I still had a treadle machine!

Thanks for patiently putting up with my memories, however random they seem. Hope you all are having a blessed week!
Would any of you be interested in sharing in my "Memory Wednedays"? I could sure turn it into a link party if you'd like to join in!

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  1. My grandma made me a 'comfort' as well, using some of my old clothes as the blocks. I never knew that was what they were called.

    1. That's always what they were called here, I've seen reference to that name, also, in some pioneer diaries. I lost all the things I had of my grandma's in the storm, I sure miss those!


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