Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I've been thinking that my blog needs more posts... I miss writing.

Lately I've been working through "Writing To Save Your Life" by Michele Weldon. "How to honor your story through journaling."

I have always had a problem with memories. The problem being that I don't have many. Even as short a time ago as when my kids were little, I don't have many memories, snapshots here and there at the most, none of my memories run like video clips. I have no idea why my mind works that way, presumably there is no trauma in my childhood blocking things out, or head injury to have caused a lack of long term memory.
They just aren't there. So I decided that maybe recording what I do remember might just bring up more of what I've forgotten, and maybe - someday - my children might just want to read these things. If not, that's ok too - it's more for my own knowledge than anything. I don't know if my childhood memories will make good reading for anyone else, but....

My earliest memory is of being in the hospital. I was 2 or 3 at the time. It was during a huge prairie blizzard, and no one could get in or out. My mom worked at the County Road and Bridge Department at the time, and one of the men came to our house in a road grader, to take us to the hospital. He then went to the doctor's house to pick him up, too. It turned out I had pneumonia, and stayed in the hospital for a week.
If you've ever had pnuemonia, you know that food doesn't taste like it normally does. I can still remember the taste of that hospital food. I can also remember the room I was staying in had a closet with toys in it, for kids who stayed there to play with. I'm sure that would be frowned on these days, even though I'm sure they were all sanitized between patients. There was a plastic puzzle, it was a black tray with different shaped pieces in bright colors. I remember that puzzle.
I also remember waking up one of those nights covered in blood from a nose bleed. 

They say once you've had pneumonia you are very susceptible to getting it again, and I've had it dozens of times over the years. As much as it hurts now, I can't imagine how scared I must have been  at that age.

Strange, maybe, as a first memory. Not exactly a pleasant one. But very early, so maybe there's hope for me yet to uncover other memories.

Me at age 3, with my mother, in 1970


  1. awww.Anita, I LOVED reading this memory .....I am so glad you are going to write these down...your kids WILL want to read it someday. I am so so sad I didn't ask my mama and daddy more about our family, things they remembered and now, they are all gone. Find out as much as you can for the sake of your children.
    Thanks so much for coming by...come back soon.

    1. Thank you... I regret not recording my grandma and grandpa's memories, too, so I hope my kids will like these someday... I am thinking about doing an every Wednesday "Memories" post. We'll see :)

  2. That photo: could be my mom and me. The looks back then were pretty similar, well, except mine would be circa 1960's. I don't have memories of me when I was a little kid. I see myself in photos, and know I was there, but sure don't remember it. Writing down stuff you do now, as well as your past, helps as well. You never know when the kids will want to publish a 'Prairie Diary" and make gazillions after you are gone. :o)

    1. My mom gets so mad that I can't remember "everything she did for us", or her taking us to Disney movies at the theater, or just about anything else... very little of my life is recorded in my head. Even when my kids were little, I don't remember a lot of those years, either... I have no idea why.
      lol @ the "prairie diary" :)


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