Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Finds and Favorites 3/13

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I only have one shot for this post today, in color and black and white.... the BW one might just be my favorite shot of the year so far.
 I WOULD like you to take a peek at my post yesterday, it holds the rest of my favorite photos from the past week, but it was a story line and they all belonged together, so I felt they needed their own post. So if you have time, check that post out, too!

 Now for today's photo:

 This is a train trestle with no track remaining, on another abandoned railway in our county. It's beautiful, wild country down there, and we drove through on a beautiful day.

And the black and white version, my favorite:


  1. Definitley love that train trestle. I like both color and B/W.

  2. Love these. Train tracks always fascinate me.


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