Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Schedule Forming

View of a grain elevator, through Big Bluestem Prairie Grass

 Just a post to discuss the "pattern" that seems to be working well on my blog.

Mondays are for Simple Woman's Daybook.

Wednesdays are for my memory posts. (see THIS POST)

Fridays are for my Friday Finds and Favorites posts.

Now I'm adding another. I've been following along with the Good Morning Girls bible study from  the Women Living Well site. I didn't get in on the beginning, but I'm slowly covering what I've missed. The daily reads are Monday through Friday, and we journal each one. From now on, I want to do a Saturday post talking about what I've learned through the weekly bible study. Mainly, because retelling something to someone else often makes me understand it even more, and remember it easier. So I hope you'll give me your feedback on these posts!
Now I'm off some more to work on my Memory post for tomorrow!

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone!


  1. The bible study sounds great. I wish I could get in on something with discussion to help me understand more. I'm looking forward to hearing about your study, and possibly having a discussion as well.

    1. This study is a chapter a day 5 days per week. They use the "SOAK" method. You read the chapter, then journal about it - "S" stands for scripture, you write down the scripture that most stood out to you. "O" is observe, write about what was happening in the chapter "A" is application, you write about how to apply what you've learned to your life, and "K" is kneeling in prayer, you write out your daily prayer.
      I use online Bible Commentaries to go more in-depth to what's happening in the chapter, lots of them to choose from here: http://www.biblestudytools.com/commentaries/
      Then they use a color coded system that you mark your bible with... info on that here: http://womenlivingwell.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/GMG-Bible-Coloring-Chart.pdf
      It's really been eye-opening how much I've learned!


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