Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wednesday Ramblings

 Every morning after dropping Isaiah off at school, I drive around the lake. I always have my camera with me, and sometimes I take photos, sometimes not.
This morning it's foggy, and the wind is gusting to 40+ miles an hour. The temperature is falling, and it's cold.
The wind pushes the waves, and the waves smash the shards of ice up against the rocks on the shore, sounding just like a heavy glass beaded curtain, hanging in a doorway with the wind blowing through.

I love calm, foggy mornings - windy ones? Not so much. But I do appreciate the way the weather changes. Every morning it's different, sometimes subtle changes, sometimes drastic ones, like this morning.

I met an online friend this morning in "real life". He was working in this part of the state, so we met at the convenience store for a few minutes to shake hands and say hello. (Hi Doug! lol) He's very sweet and funny and we can both ramble on for hours about the same topics. The list of special friends I've met through the Internet is growing! Unfortunately, most of you live too far away to meet in person. Maybe someday though. What a difference the Internet would have made for me in High School, when I was the seriously "odd" one and thought I was the only one in the world like me. To know there are so many others out there would have eased a lot of teenage pain.

When I got home, my mom's house had a new, black roof... a huge flock of starlings, all congregated on the top of her house. I wasn't fast enough to get a photo, they lifted up all as one feathered cloud as I pulled in the drive, and they headed east into the tall pine trees. Chattering as they do, I imagined they complained about the cold, and wind. The wild birds and their ability to survive the brutal Kansas winters has always amazed me. God taking care of them like He does always reminds me that I have nothing to fear.


  1. Isn't it fun to finally meet someone who you 'know' through the internet in real life? You might remember, back in the early days of Buffalo and everyone blogging, someone called "The Michael". He has had quite a few blogs over the years. They were going from East FL to the TX/LA line for a family reunion and I offered our guest room as a stopping place for the night instead of driving through or a motel. It was so fun meeting him and his wife that we invited them back on their way home. We love them, they are just great friends now. Maybe one day when we are in TX visiting, we can get up your way. You're only five hours or so from Wichita Falls.

    Hopefully, the starlings just stopped for a rest, and not because your mom's roof is warm, a sure sign of not enough insulation!!!

    I love your photos. I save them and have a rolling montage of cool photos as my desktop photos. Its neat to have one of yours show up in the rotation. Thank you.

    1. That's awesome about your friend. After the tornado I met a couple of my blogging friends, and we've since sort of lost touch... people come in our lives for reasons, and don't always stay I guess.
      About the birds - I thought that too, about the insulation. It's a modular home type house, so it very well could be that.
      Very cool about my photo - thank you! I've just bought Photoshop, so they will hopefully start to look even better, lol...


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