Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook (on Tuesday!)

Have you ever had one of those days when you do something, and about the time you finish you see something else that needs done, and then something else, and before you know it, the whole day's gone? That was my Monday.

From taking my daughter to the parts store 30 miles away so she could fix her car, to then dealing with an injured stray dog. We couldn't find the old girl's owners, so we took her to the vet 30 miles away (after hours) and she's staying overnight. The vet says more than likely, judging by her injuries, the dog was attacked by another dog.We couldn't afford a vet bill, but someone had to help her.
SO - my SWD post didn't get done yesterday... so it's a SWD about my Tuesday!

Outside my window... it's still dark as I'm starting this post,  27 with a windchill of 18, 20% chance of snow/rain on it's way to a high of 45. Bad part is by this afternoon the winds will be gusting over 40 mph. That Kansas wind - you never get used to it!

 I am thinking... I REALLY need to remember to make that hair appointment today!

 I am wearing... my favorite olive green v-neck 3/4 sleeve t-shirt and jeans.

 I am creating... I have a slouchy hat order and a scarf order to work on today.

 I am going... Probably at some point back to Pratt to pick up the dog. If we never find an owner or a suitable new owner she will probably live with my daughter... hope the 2 cats adjust quickly to having a dog in the house, lol...

 I am wondering... What God has in store for us today - never a dull moment around here!

I am reading... As always, another of my husband's books!

 I am hoping... That the sweet old dog had a good rest last night... with antibiotics and pain meds, I'm sure she probably did.

 I am learning.. To stop talking about what I want to do and start DOING it!

In my kitchen... Pork loin going into the crock pot with some green chilies to shred for pork burritos, some tonight and some for the freezer.

 A favorite quote for today... I had a birthday in the first half of this month, and the YouVersion Bible App has a bible verse every day... they just happened to pick my life verse for my birthday, and I'm using it as my favorite quote for today: (the background for this poster was taken Monday morning from the bottom of my front steps)

 One of my favorite things... I LOVE how this song got me up and moving this morning!!


  1. It does not matter when you post during the week...no hurry and Tuesday is just fine.

    1. Mondays just tend to get hectic, no matter how much preparation I do for them! Thanks for your comment. :)

  2. What a tender heart you have! I hope the old dog is ok and that it's home is right where it should be! :)

    1. We found her owner and they have been reunited... last we heard she's doing very well :)

  3. Hoping you get your hair appt. Contemplating a change here as well.

    1. I did! My hair is extremely thick, and while it's not curly, it gets very frizzy... I love it long, but it was time to get some layers cut into it so it wasn't so heavy :) Much more manageable now! Thanks for stopping by.


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