Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Our Saturday, pt. 1

Saturday was a beautiful day. Low 80's, only a small breeze. We headed south, on hwy. 183 with hazelnut coffee in hand and the radio picking up my favorite country station out of Oklahoma. Just happy to have a day to ourselves, and be out in it.
Once we got past Coldwater, we took the scenic hwy. 160 west, through dusty little towns I hadn't seen in years, and scenery that made us feel expanded, and freer than we'd been in a long while. We talked about plans and dreams and places in our lives where we'd been letting other people's expectations lead us down paths that weren't really for us, and how to get back to blazing our own trail.
Somewhere west of Ashland the red dirt explodes out of the prairie like lava formations, and we stopped in the middle of the highway to take photos... no shoulders on this road, and luckily not much traffic on a Saturday morning, either. On farther west, 160 curves north where it merges with 283 for a few miles, and along this stretch is the Big Basin.
click photo to enlarge and read sign
The Big Basin is prairie like prairie is supposed to be... unchanged. The prairie grasses are tall in places, and there are buffalo that roam through (they were too far away on this day for us to see well).
We climbed up the steep hills to look down across the acres. If I lived near this place I'd be out here every possible day, hiking through the grasses up and down these hills.
The rock steps that lead down the steep incline to Jacob's Well had blown closed with tumble weeds during the fall and winter months, but Rick braved it anyway, at times he was completely submerged. I stood at the top of the cliff and laughingly cheered him on until he made it through the sea of tumble weeds.
The "well", or spring, is in a deep depression in the rock, surrounded by cottonwood trees. Jacob's Well was a very important watering hole for travelers and cowboys on their cattle drives up from Texas. It was easy to picture the tired and dirty cowhands herding their scrawny charges into this valley for water and rest. By the time the cattle got to Dodge City, they were much thinner than they were when they left Texas. I've heard stories told of the ghost of a cowboy being seen here at the well, and he well may have been there, watching from the shadows of the trees.

We had so much fun, and this area is so beautiful... I wish my photos did it justice! In my next post, pt. 2 of our day - Clark State Lake.


  1. Sweet that you enjoy spending such time together.

    1. This sort of thing is our favorite thing to do, and we hope to do a lot more of it... maybe next time we can convince Isaiah to come along, lol...
      We used to do things like this so spontaneously, just decide to go somewhere, throw a few things in the car and head out... we'll be getting back to that now that we've realized how much we miss it!

  2. When my mom would come and stay with me for a few month during their winter, I'd have Mardi Gras day off, so we'd throw ourselves in the truck and just hit the road into the country, sightseeing. It was a good way to get out of town during the craziness and a fun time out and about in the small towns around here. DH and I don't do much spontaneous, nor driving around. Unfortunately. Sad me...

    1. We kind of lost it for a while, I'm glad we're getting our "spontaneous" back :) We've been trying to focus on things that really matter to us, and amazingly, a lot of those things are things we tend to put on the back burner... that's no way to live!


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