Saturday, February 28, 2015

Friday Finds and Favorite Shot

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My Friday Find:

I took this photo in a tiny place out in the middle of nowhere that used to be a town... Now there are two houses, and the remains of grain elevators, along a railway that is all but abandoned. This old man sells random old vehicles, in various states of decomposition. These signs are on several of his trees, and comprise the whole of his advertising.
This bicycle reminded me of the one my grandpa borrowed from the neighbor to teach me how to ride. I was about 5 at the time. He was the only positive male influence in my childhood, and every memory I have of him and my grandma are precious.

A couple more shots, these my favorites of the week:

 This is the abandoned scale house at another grain elevator along that same rarely used railway. There are a few grain trains that will run the tracks during and after harvest, to collect the grain brought into these smaller elevators, but the rest of the year it is silent.
These old places always feel like homecoming for me... I'm much more comfortable in places from 100 years ago than I am in places today... 

While this may look like ruins from some ancient European location, it's really the remains of a building here on Main Street in Greensburg, Kansas.
The EF5 that destroyed the town in 2007 created these ruins from a stone building that was both shop and home, and the stone wall that surrounded it's small patch of beautiful green grass and large evergreen tree that one could glimpse through the metal gate in the wall. They chose to leave the remains here, and I'm very glad - I think they're beautiful, and a reminder of the "Greensburg that was."
(I've been asked to write my tornado story here, for the blog, and I will have that done soon!)

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  1. Beautiful photos, Anita! I love your memories of your grandpa teaching you to ride a bike. (I have serious bike envy from that photo)

    1. Thank you! Isn't that a great bike? I was thinking it would look very nice just parked in one of my flower beds this summer, lol....

  2. Very interesting textures, delicious colors! Exquisite pictures! How much beauty!!

  3. I just finished reading a book called, Mattie. About a doctor in the prairie of Nebraska. These photos give me a sense of that. Love the bike and sign.

    1. Thank you. Sounds like a good book! Nice of you to stop by :)


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