Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I don't feel guilty for being content where I am in life. I refuse to.

 I don't believe life is about clawing your way tooth and nail to somewhere else, to more money, to more material things... when you get there, aren't you just as unhappy and wanting to keep gaining more and more? Where does it end? When does the contentment begin if you're always thinking its "out there" somewhere?

We all have dreams, and we all work towards them in our own way, but basing your happiness on anything external is a waste of what could be happiness today.

Choose to be content where you are.


  1. I believe I am content where I am. I have a job I like with a really good boss. I have a wonderful home and a loving Husband. I have pets and rabbits and feral cats. I'd like some improvements around the homestead, like a shed that is not falling down, or a deck with a screened porch (so I can enjoy the outside during bug season), but I think that is not discontentment, but wanting things to be in place for when we get older and can't do the physical things we can do now. Its not like I want gold-plated door knobs!! lol

    1. I have friends who are constantly saying "when I get to that point, I'll be happy..." or "When I can afford to do this... I'll be happy."... it's sad, really, that so much of their lives they put off being happy until some future date... especially since when they get to the point where they think they'll be happy, something else is looming in the distance that seems to be their "happy point" :(


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