Friday, January 23, 2015

Why, and What?

I am not young.
I am not beautiful.
I am not thin.

My people are not 'hip'.
I don't live in the mountains.
I don't live by the sea.
I don't live in a city with breathtaking architecture,
or a village with ancient homes.
I don't have a profession that interests people.

After I read through my favorite blogs, and see the beautiful photos these talented and beautiful people post, I have a voice asking me, "Why do YOU think you can be a photographer, or have a blog... what makes YOU so special that people would care what you see, or what you think?"

I haven't answered those questions yet.


  1. How about...because all of us who come here love you and what you do and what you have to say? That counts so much more, I believe.

    1. That's as good as any answer... smiles.
      I just hope I never bore anyone with my rather mundane life, lol...

  2. Yeah, but don't we all live a rather mundane life, with days of brilliance thrown in to give us joy?

    1. Most of us, I suppose... I've been reading a lot at my favorite blog, The Noisy Plume (link in my sidebar!) and she has the most amazing life... I guess I've just been letting the "comparison bug" get to me, lol....


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