Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend Shots Pt.2

(click on all photos to see them full size!)
Drink Interrupted - this lady had been taking a drink, but when we stopped she came closer to the truck to see what we were up to. I talked to her for a while, holding my hand out to her, and we could tell she was intrigued, but wary enough not to come closer. 

Sitting in the tall grass, on a ridge overlooking the dry Rattlesnake Creek, there were bits of green showing deep in the grass, moss and tiny leaved plants, proving to us that Mother Nature is just waiting for that alarm clock to go off to wake everything up again. We both laid back in the grass for a while, completely aware of what a gift that beautiful day was, in the middle of a Kansas January.

The iconic Kansas barbed wire photo. I just love barbed wire, what can I say. 

Dry grass, barbed wire, lone tree, blue sky. Kansas in a frame. 

This calf on the left was absolutely beautiful. I do believe, though, that he's whispering about us to his friend there.

Tomorrow, two of my favorite shots from the weekend...


  1. Love all the pics and inspiring words that you have put with them. You really make me look at my life a bit differently and how lucky I am to be able to live this on a daily basis! Thank you!

    1. You're so welcome... and yes, you are very lucky - it's really beautiful out there :)


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