Thursday, January 29, 2015

Weekday Mornings

(bit blurry due to long exposure with no tripod)
Every morning I leave the RV at 6:30 am, and stop here, at the bottom of the steps, to take a deep breath, filling my lungs with fresh air and admire the eastern horizon. (this photo is more SE, but you get the point...)
After the small space of the RV, I can feel my mind expanding out here with no limits, stretching in every direction and plugging in with every wild, living thing around me, and the ground beneath my feet.

When I get to mom's, I usually startle all the sweet little sparrows that take shelter in her garage overnight. They fly out the door just behind me, in a race to see who can get out first. Many people overlook sparrows, but I have spent considerable time watching them, and no matter what the weather is, even at 20 below, they always seem so cheerful. Pure energy wrapped in shades of grey, and brown. We humans could learn a lot from them. Their message seems to be that no matter what the circumstances, they are alive and free and that's worth celebrating.


  1. Replies
    1. Smiles... this blog would probably go belly-up if it wasn't for you, Jules, always here to keep encouraging me.... thank you :) xo

    2. I'd sure miss you if you went.

    3. Well, I'm a lot happier when I have a blog - a much better creative outlet than Facebook, lol...

  2. Oh, yes...your photos are always just perfect.
    OK, fill me in...I am remembering that you and Rick bought a started a new job..sorry, can't remember where...your daughter was living away from home, I think...and your boy (I know his name...but don't know how to spell it...Isaiah.?) was growing like a weed.
    You were a bit unhappy at this time...and I remember loving to read about your days. And, you MUST remember how I love your photo of you and Grandma gathering tomatoes. :)

    1. BJ, I carried that photo of my grandma and I over to the new blog just because I knew you'd miss it if I didn't, lol... We hadn't bought a home, we were living in a rented home, but it was income based, and when Rick got a job that paid him more than $25,000 per year we had to move out. That's when we bought a run down 30+ year old RV and we've been living in it for over a year, parked on my mom's land... Our son (yep - Isaiah) has a bedroom in mom's house. We have no running water in the RV, we haul water in, and there is no insulation in it, so at times it's very cold. We had a fabulous garden this past summer, the summer was nice other than it getting to 120 degrees inside the RV during the day, we can't use the AC. Currently my only job is the crochet business, but I'm going to hopefully be also selling prints of some of my photos soon. I'm happy, but I'd sure like to have a real roof over our heads... housing is so scarce in this county there's really nothing out there we can afford. Life is still good.


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