Monday, January 26, 2015

Rattlesnake Creek

Rattlesnake Creek, looking NE
Rattlesnake Creek, looking W/NW

According to Wikipedia:

"Rattlesnake Creek is an approximately 95 mile stream that is a tributary to the Arkansas River in central Kansas. The head of the stream is in northern Kiowa County and it flows northeast through Edwards and Stafford Counties before converging with the Arkansas River in Rice County.
The stream flows through Quivira National Wildlife Refuge, dividing the refuge in half. The stream was officially named Rattlesnake Creek in 1971 by the Department of the Interior; before 1971 it was called either Rattlesnake Creek, Salt Creek, or West Fork Rattlesnake Creek."
We spent the better part of an hour, sitting up on that sand hill ridge, watching for deer. The only ones we saw, 3 does in a big hurry, went across quite a bit farther north. We talked, and laid in the tall grass watching the high, thin clouds going overhead. I dug my fingers into the cold, damp sand and thought of all the people who had been here before... Native Americans, cowboys, settlers. I thought about how benign the Rattlesnake looked that day, compared to the spring and summer when the towering thunderstorms sweep through our area and send it frequently out of it's banks.

We didn't think about when the cold weather would return, or bemoan the fact that it would eventually be back. We soaked up the sun and our hearts were expanded, grateful for this beautiful warm day in the middle of a Kansas January.


  1. I love how your writings give me visuals.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's a really beautiful spot :) You're very lucky to own it, lol...

  3. It does the heart good to see that places like this still exist, untouched, unmarred, by the "civilized" wheel that turns it all to waste and pollution. I think "city folk" that have never been there, like you were this day, can fully understand, appreciate, what we're losing more of everyday. Thank you for taking me away from the madding crowd, only wish I could have joined you.

    1. You're welcome :) These are the places that have been my favorite since I was little, running around my grandparent's pastures. I feel much more at home here than anywhere else.


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