Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites

I normally don't like doing photos that are so stereotypically "Kansas Photos"... not many sunrises and sunsets, barns or windmills... I try to avoid photos that look like the kitschy paintings everyone had hanging above their sofas in the 70's.
There is more to Kansas than that. We were going down the road and I watched this windmill pass in front of the moon and I had Rick back up so I could take this shot. I can't help but think of my friend Buffalo when I do take a windmill photo - he loved them. So this one is for Buffalo.

Death is what gives life meaning... If there was no end in sight to this life, we wouldn't count it as being so precious. This coyote's spirit has moved on, it's body left to the prairie.

 The author of my favorite blog, The Noisy Plume (link in sidebar!) said something a few weeks ago in her blog that resonated with me, and I think it's appropriate for this photo...

 "The prairie always takes back her own." - Jillian Lukiwski


  1. Your photos are beautiful, Anita! Looking forward to reading more...following on bloglovin...

  2. My MIL likes windmills as well. I may forward this to her if you don't mind. Buffalo...ah, the memories. Those days seem so long ago, when everyone was still blogging.

    1. It's very rare that a day goes by without me thinking about him... I miss those days....


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